Engagement Pictures Document The First Days Of The Rest Of Your Life!

When you become engaged, your engagement photographs document the beginning of your marriage. Useful for save-the-dates, invitations and sharing with your fiends and family on social media or a wedding website, these photos are the beginning of your wedding story.

Out Of The Studio And 
Into Your World…

“Location Portraiture”, as practiced by Cristina Hajosy removes the portrait from the distractions of unfamiliar surroundings and places it in the comfort of your home or at a special location that you enjoy.

Photographing in familiar surroundings creates a relaxed atmosphere which indulges the idiosyncrasies that make each of us who we are. A location that has special significance provides a personal connection, unlike posed studio shots in front of tired backgrounds. Keeping everyone comfortable and at ease, creates fun, interesting and telling portraiture.

Using techniques developed over 20 years of professional practice, Cristina combines the tools of the portable studio with natural, available light. The result is a natural image, free of the stiffness of traditional studio portraiture. We invite you to browse the image galleries presented here to see for yourself the magic of location portraiture by Cristina Hajosy.

Capturing that special something in each of us is the essence of what Cristina offers.

Simply moments in time made timeless…

Cristina Hajosy has photographed weddings at many great locations
in Greater Boston, Metro West, Eastern MA and beyond!

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