Testimonials & References

Please contact us or call us 781-821-0615 for references from our previous clients. In the meantime, here are some of the notes we have received from our customers over the years.

Dear Cristina, Thank you for capturing beautiful photos of our wedding day! We had a blast and hope you did as well! We were really amazed at how many photos we didn’t even notice you taking. You fit in so well and we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you again!

Alex and Tom S. (bride & Groom 2014)

I just wanted to thank you for taking wonderful and stunning pictures at both the wedding and the bridal shower. Not only did I get compliments about the pictures, I received only compliments about your personality and professionalism. 

-Nikole K (Bride 2009)

Now that Jeff and I are back in reality, I wanted to take the time (before I start writing out my proper thank you cards) to let you know how awesome the entire picture-taking process was, because of you. Thank you for being so attentive, and thoughtful with the photos, being patient with the kids/family, and honoring everyone’s requests for photo combinations, and thanks for doing it with a sense of humor. You are great at what you do – I swear, you were like a photo-ninja, silently taking pictures of EVERYTHING the entire night.

-Nicole C. Bride (2010 Wedding)

Just had to tell you that the photo’s you took of Stephanie and Andy’s wedding back in 2013 make me smile and cry each time I view them. They bring back memories of one of the happiest days of my life.  Our family loved how you just joined in the festivities.  Dancing while taking a photo is quite a talent. And you seemed to remember all our names.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these memories for me.

-Gladys J. Happy mother of the Groom (2013 Wedding)

Hi, Cristina! The photos are AWESOME – We all LOVE them and you’ve hugely exceeded all of our expectations. You were also exceptional to work with. I love how laid back you were and how you just went with the flow.

Thanks again for everything! I’ll write up some great online reviews for you. You’re the best!

-Alison T. (2013 Wedding)


OMG! I am in LOVE with the photos!!! They are gorgeous! Thank you for such a wonderful job!!

There are only about 200 that I want!!!! :0)

-Kim N. (2013 Wedding)

Cristina is so professional and totally unobtrusive. It’s like she’s not there. She does the work before the event…ie…gets names , relationships, family groupings…and gets you thinking about the shots you ” must have” weeks before the events. So when it is showtime, it goes without you even having to think about it. The action shots were great. The group shots were not tremendous, but I think that is more the nature of the shot….like a rogues gallery….and there is not too much she can do with that. ( or anyone else for that matter.)

More to the point, aside from the professionalism…one less thing to deal with…and she is invisible to the event….she captures the time and place. I would say there is a journalistic or documentarian aspect to her work. She gets the people….but more to the point, she captures the event. It is more the whole and less the parts.

She was inventive with the kid group shots, but for the action shots, it was not about mugging for the camera. She got the kids unawares…but then, that is what I wanted.

Bottom line is that I would use her again in a heart beat.

-Janet T. (2011 Bar Mitzvah)

You were amazing to work with and I personally enjoyed working with you because I appreciated the kindness you showed toward my family and also your dedication to stand up to my wedding planner for me when she was rushing our pictures. In fact, I mentioned to a few of my close friends and family members that from all my vendors, you were definitely my favorite. You become part of the party, were very opened minded, and easy to work with. I also did enjoy watching my brothers dance with you hehe.

-Natalia G. (2011 Wedding)

Many thanks for the beautiful job you did photographing our wedding at Tower Hill! We’ve been able to see the pictures online and couldn’t be more pleased with the great variety of stunning shots, from our formals before and after the ceremony to the wonderful ones that will help us remember the fun we had at the reception!

We deeply appreciate all the pains you took to ensure we’d have these images to treasure for a lifetime. It is impressive that you were able to get nearly 700 high quality shots despite the delays and sun set, kids and eye closers, and we are most grateful for everything you did to help us enjoy every moment as well as produce such gorgeous photographs.

All best wishes from the Andes,

-Susan & Fernando (2010 Wedding)

I understand that you guys are in the process of looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding in June, 2010. I have a very strong recommendation for a wedding photographer, based upon the recent experience that my wife, Trish, and I had with Cristina Hajosy as the photographer for our wedding.

Trish and I got married on September 19, 2009 on Cape Cod. We had a ceremony outdoors at Menahuant Beach in East Falmouth, and a reception afterwards at a restaurant about 10 miles away. Cristina Hajosy was our wedding photographer for the day, and I can honestly tell you that she did a terrific job for us.

Planning our wedding had its challenges for Trish and I: We wanted to get married in our home state of Massachusetts, although we live 500 miles away in Virginia, and were operating on a fairly strict budget. We did as much of the planning as we could over the Internet, including booking Cristina for our photography. We did not have any good leads on a wedding photographer in the area, so Trish placed an ad through the New England School of Photography. Cristina was the first response of many that we got from the ad. After taking a look at some of the prior work Cristina had done, as well as speaking on the phone, we hired her for the job.

We found Cristina to be very professional, very patient, and flexible with regard to our needs. First off, she was willing to make the drive to Cape Cod for us from her home in the Boston area. Some of our guests ran into traffic getting over the bridge and just barely got to our ceremony on time, but Cristina was there with plenty of time to spare. We also were not exactly sure what time we would be finishing up at the restaurant where we held our reception, and we ended up needing to extend the time we had originally booked Cristina for, which was no problem at all.

In addition, Cristina did a really great job with our pictures. She sent us a link to our pictures before we even got back from our honeymoon. Everyone from Trish’s family, my parents, friends and relatives all had very high praise for the quality of our pictures. We had great pictures taken of the ceremony itself, the two of us on the beach following the ceremony, friends and family portraits that we requested, and all of the important moments from the reception. Trish and I would certainly recommend Cristina to any family and friends we know getting married in New England in the future.

-Dan B. (2009 Wedding)

We were actually given Cristina’s name through a childhood friend. They were married two years ago and found Cristina on their own. They highly recommended her to us. I contacted her, had a meeting with her at our home and new right away we would be using her for our photographer. She was professional and at the same time very laid back, which for a bride is an extremely nice quality. The quality of her pictures was amazing! I had met with Cristina a couple of times before the wedding.

Cristina met me at the reception site, per her request, a couple of days prior at the same time of the evening to see the lighting and check out the area, which I thought was comforting. She is so friendly and fun. I can honestly say that my guests were amazed how she was there to capture the most perfect moments, but almost no one noticed her at the same time. She was on time, actually came a little early, per my request, so I wouldn’t be frantic or feel rushed. Since this was my first wedding, I felt as though I had some “silly” questions. She answered all in a simplified manner and put my mind at ease. She had “business size” cards made up for the guests to take at the reception with her website info and had set up a name and password for anyone interested in seeing all of the proofs which was up (one week) after our wedding!

She got every shot I could have wanted and more. We never disagreed on anything! Let me put it this way, my husband is the baby of eight, his mother is one of 16 children and he has 19 nieces and nephews…and we got the most beautiful family portrait I’ve ever seen with everyone smiling in only about 10 minutes time! That’s hard work and she was so gracious. She has come to us; we have never had to go to her to pick anything up. She had an amazing variety of albums and packages to choose from. She was dressed appropriately in a black suit. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone I know looking for a photographer. We got more then what we paid for! She was superb. Well, I hope this helps you make your decision a little easier. Best of luck to you both in love and in life. God Bless.

-Kara R. (2008 Wedding)