handsewn1aPrivate Book Arts Workshop with Cristina Hajosy

Workshop Title:  Hand-sewn Artist’s Books with Paste Papers

Date & Time:  Saturday, July 26, 2014 from 10am to 4pm

Location:  Canton, MA

Limited to 6 students

Tuition:  $125  includes all materials and lunch

handsewn4aThis all-day workshop takes the bookmaking process from start to finish.  Hand-designed papers can be used for all book components, just the covers, just the endpapers, or even just the text block.  With unlimited color and texturing choices, Paste Paper is an exciting, easy technique to add to your repertoire.

As one of the earliest forms of decorative papers, Paste Paper is commonly used for bookbinding, as well as calligraphy, printmaking, collage, stamping, and origami.  Paste Paper is created using acrylic paint or similar pigments mixed in a suspension of paste.  After being applied to a dampened sheet of paper, the colored paste can be patterned by pulling various utensils across the paste.

handsewn3aHand stitching is a technique for sewing the sections, or “signatures”, of a book together.  This workshop will cover 4 different stitch patterns on both soft and hard covers.  The pamphlet, long stitch, the chain stitch with beads, and the “Dos Equis” will be covered.

handsewn2aThroughout the day, we’ll construct several projects to practice techniques and to get familiar with the materials.  The morning will begin with creating paste paper designs and small-scale books.  We’ll break for a fresh, vegetarian lunch with homemade soup, salad and sandwiches.  Then, we’ll create a unique, larger-scale artist’s book for the afternoon session.

Open to everyone ages 18 & up, all media and skill levels.

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  1. Susan says

    Bummer! This looks like a great workshop. I’m at the annual knit & crochet conference that weekend. I hope you offer this workshop again. Keep well.

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