Wedding Trends – Pink Uplighting

Pink Uplights are this year’s wedding trend for receptions. Highlighting a table centerpiece, spilling up and onto the ceiling, adding a colorful splash to architectural details and dance floors… uplighting has become a fresh way to add visual excitement to a wedding.

Birdcage Veils – Adding Vintage Flair

Whether you consider them, vintage, super chic, or old-fashioned, birdcage veils are back. These lovely styles remind us of the glamorous 1940’s and 50’s. A time when a more modern approach to the historical trend of veiling the bride really began to take off. No longer seen as a way to show purity, chastity and modesty, no longer a shield of protection against evil spirits, we are free to interpret in a modern context.

Entertainment – Wedding Soundtrack

The musical choices you select will be the soundtrack of your wedding celebration. Today, with such a wide variety, you can create a special mood. From acoustic guitarists, harpists, solo pianists to jazz ensembles, swing bands, and full orchestras, it’s out there. Whether you want sweet, soft sounds or big, blasting funk, most cities have… Read More»

Videography: Documentary or disaster?

Whether or not to have videography at your wedding can be both a simple choice and a difficult one. For movie buffs, it’s an obvious ‘yes’. Having your wedding story in moving pictures, hearing the conversations and music, and reliving the moments are essential to you. Others may feel that the intrusion that videography can bring is too overwhelming for them. Remembering Uncle Billy’s embarrassing toast, the “best wishes” of your second cousin’s almost ex-boyfriend, and the crash of a dropped tray of Champaign glasses may not necessary elevate your memories of the day. But there can be many special moments that will be captured. Like all of your wedding choices, there are many factors to consider.

Vendor Relations – Hire The Best You Can Afford!

Hiring a talented, creative and cooperative team of people is essential to planning a great wedding. From caterer to chauffeur, florist to photographer, all the vendors have their role in making your dream come together. Finding the right vendors is a critical part of your planning process. The first step should be research. There’s a… Read More»