Hass1Commissioned Mixed Media Artist’s Book with Presentation Box to honor the retirement of Dr. Gerald Hass.  May 2014

Hass2Personal thank you notes were photo-montaged together with photography from patients, co-workers and healthcare individuals from his 45+ year career as a pediatrician at Boston’s South End Community Health Center.  It was a true pleasure to work on this tribute gift.  I enjoyed scanning and repairing the old photographs, as well as reading all the well-wishes from patients, especially the moms.

Hass5So many great memories of this wonderful, beloved doctor.  Seeing his pride at the presentation gala was a real treat, and knowing his personal interest in handmade books made me feel so appreciated.  A memorable night, a memorable healer.

Hass4Box:  Clamshell

Bind:  Japanese Puncture/Stab

Tread:  Chestnut Brown, French Linen

Book Cloth:  Blue Mohair, Japanese Silk/Rayon

Liner:  Brown, Textile Abstract, Monotypes, Paste Paper in Acrylic

Cover:  Color Photograph on Aluminum in Recessed Window

9-1/2  x  12-1/2 inches, 1-1/2 in. depth

Commissioned books are custom-designed, unique creations that can contain original art, writings, photography, and other personal ephemera.  Excellent for weddings, baby or senior portraits, anniversaries, and memorials.  Please contact Cristina to discuss your specific needs.

photo by Luke Wunsch-Edwards

photo by Luke Wunsch-Edwards

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  1. Nancy Crowder says

    I will always remember Dr Hass. Over the years, I have attempted to search for him via the web, to see how he is doing, finally, I found a link.
    I remembered that smile, the care delivered to my infant daughter Ain, whom he called Mouse, back in March, 1982.
    If you receive this note, Dr Hass, I would like to take this time to thank you for your highly skilled care, friendly, and opened spirit. ThankYou for your contributions in the medical field.
    Now that you have retired, enjoy every moment, take the time for you and your love ones. Yes, laughter is good for the soul. May God always keep you.
    Nancy Crowder


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