Welcome to Wedding Insider’s Journal!

Over the last 20 years, I’ve photographed over 700 weddings.  I’ve seen, from an intimate perspective, everything from wonderful weddings on a shoestring budget to “6 figure” affairs that were complete disasters.  I’ve acquired a lot of insight from the practical knowledge gained from such experiences, even in areas other than photography.   It’s been a great sociological study in the American wedding.  So here we are.  My journal is all about weddings from the photographer’s viewpoint, my perspective.

Alternative Entertainment Ideas

When party entertainment comes to mind for most people, the music is the main consideration. However, this category contains a wider cast of characters than that. Sometimes, even this veteran wedding photographer can be surprised.  Far beyond the typical bands and DJs, the availability of unusual entertainment is better than ever. Clowns, magicians, comedians, performance… Read More»