violinist during wedding ceremony bridesmaid playing guitar during wedding reception harpist playing during wedding receptionThe musical choices you select will be the soundtrack of your wedding celebration. Today, with such a wide variety, you can create a special mood. From acoustic guitarists, harpists, solo pianists to jazz ensembles, swing bands, and full orchestras, it’s out there. Whether you want sweet, soft sounds or big, blasting funk, most cities have the resources to make it happen. Live in person or with a DJ’s crafting, the music really sets the tone.

bag piper at wedding ceremonyWith so many choices, you may consider having your own version of American Idol to help you make decisions. Demo tapes and CDs, live auditions and performances, and referrals from family, friends and other wedding professionals can be helpful here.

Start with a little research. Have a clear understanding of where and when the music will be needed, have a clear direction in your choice of musical style, and have a solid sense of your budget. These initial steps will help to weed out any obvious misfits.

The music’s impact, especially on the reception cannot be overstated. Imagine a large banquet room filled with the laughter and chatter of your guests, the sounds of a bustling dinning room, and the perfect music drifting though. Choosing that perfect music can depend upon many issues.

Here’s a question to ask yourself: Is your reception doubling as a family reunion? How will the level of sound affect that precious conservation? You may want to turn down the volume for more intimate dialogue and easy listening.

harmonica guitar duo during weddingIs your guest list primarily a younger or an older crowd? What music choices will be enjoyable for all the guests? Are you eager to dance the night away and to show off your new moves from ballroom dancing class? Or is it time to bust a move and shake a little booty? If disco fever is running wild, then pump up the volume for out of their seats, jamming dance tunes. Just remember, poorly chosen dance music can clear the floor in seconds, whereas the perfect mix can conquer all generation gaps.

shadow dancing dj dance partydisco dancing bat mitzvah girls hair tossThere’s more to plan than just for the wedding day. Engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, brunches… all provide an opportunity to add a touch of entertainment, especially music. Whether it’s bringing along a few CDs and a boom box, mobile devices, laptops, asking a friend to DJ, or hiring a full band, these pre-wedding and post-wedding events could use some great music as well. It doesn’t have to be a big budget affair. As with most details, it’s all in the planning. Well-chosen entertainment can make the difference.

holiday choraling with Santa's little helpers

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