wedding rings bouquet bride & groom“Will you marry me?” The question may seem small, but the answer is huge. What exactly that “yes” implies is uncertain and yet exciting. How? When? Where? The list of details, questions, and issues seems endless. While the planning can be overwhelming, it should never be seen as a chore. Nowadays, with the wide availability of wedding resources (books, magazines, online), it is less daunting. This process should be a uniting experience for you as a couple, as well as your family and friends.

wedding invitation with bride's bouquet“We’re getting married!” It’s the outward declaration of your inner commitment to one another. This seemingly simple sentence can require 6 months to more than a year to realize. What will your wedding say about your commitment and the start of your future together? Symbols of your union, both as a couple and as a family, will help set the stage for the day. Stylistic choices reflect your priorities and values. The wedding celebration is the beginning of your marriage, your life, and your hopes for the future.

As a wedding photographer, I have intimate access to the wedding party.  I am uniquely positioned to witness all the nuances of the day. Recording all the details, interactions, and emotions gives me, even as an outsider, a special perspective. It’s not uncommon for my role to become more than just the photographer. I’m a wedding coordinator and planner, an etiquette advisor, a family therapist, a confident.  On a few days, the seamstress, the bartender, and oyster shucker!  The personal nature of this business requires it, and it just feels right.

After 600+ weddings, I trust my instincts. What works, and what doesn’t? Most couples desire consulting of some sort. It’s only natural to seek advice. The articles presented here for discussion will address many areas of wedding planning. As some of the basic questions are answered, the structure of your wedding will begin to emerge. Little by little, the day of your dreams will become a reality.

wedding table setting with centerpieceWhen I think back on my favorite weddings, they all had one thing in common. Once the day began, the couple let go of all the planning, the months of preparations, and their large binder full of notes and simply had a great time at their party. You have to trust that you’ve hired great vendors, and let them do their jobs. When the little glitches happen, just keep smiling and let it roll off. The bakery delivered someone else’s cake, the limo driver is 30 minutes late, and the ring bearer is in his terrible twos. No worries! Just concentrate on why we’re here:  Your love for each other on this special day.

groom's tux coat with bride's bouquetThe advice and information provided in this journal are meant to help you attain this freedom on your wedding day. Knowing that the right preparations have been made will give you that. All of my clients say, “The day went by so fast!” Savor every minute of your time with friends and family. The sounds of the music, the tastes and toasts…every bit!

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