gaslight2 When your neighborhood is Boston’s South End, keeping your wedding in the ‘hood is a fantastic idea.  Planning a unique wedding reception can start simply with the idea of taking your family and friends to your favorite local bistro.  What a relaxed and enjoyable evening for all.  Such a nice way to celebrate and share the places and people you know and love.

gaslight4Gaslight Brasserie was the perfect spot for sharing the joys of the day with intimate elegance, attentive personal service, and classic French cuisine.

gaslight8smAn elegant tower of Croque en Bouche draped in spun sugar threads caught the candlelight. These light cream puffs quickly disappeared.  The house-cured charcuterie platter was a glorious celebration of pork and local ingredients.  Steak frites and escargots made for an authentic and delicious Parisian experience.  Who can resist Lobster Bisque with a perfect little Chorizo Beignet?  Romantic and charming…a pleasure to photograph and share.



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    Hi Cristina Hajosy,

    Wow! A new place for a romantic event! Why not? Everyone will probably enjoy the big day! I would choose this place and recommend it to my friends.

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    It would be nice to have a unique wedding venue. That way, your wedding can be memorable and stand out from all the other wedding your friends and family members go to. After all, you venue can be another way for the bride to be even more special on her big day. Do you have any tips for finding good wedding venue places?

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    Weddings are one of the most precious moments of one’s life. Which makes finding the perfect venue all the more important. Thanks for sharing a few of the venues you know of. I’m looking for something more bright and colorful, maybe out in the sun. However, I’ll keep these places in mind.

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